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ARBE Enterprises

ARBE ENTERPRISES is a global supplier and trader of metals and minerals headquartered in Pakistan. We have been in metals and minerals business for 15 years. We have established ourselves as a dependable and experienced trading company who deals in ferrous, non-ferrous material, metallurgical and rare earth minerals, by-products and minor/special metal concentrates and residues. We usually supply material in 1000 to 5000 ton lots in containerized shipments however we also have experience doing Bulk vessel (10000 – 30000 tons) shipments.

We are proud to be known for our commitment and quality of material we supply. We have long term supplying alliances with renowned licensed metallurgical metals and minerals processers and end users as well as with scrap brokers and suppliers in Europe, Middle East, Far East and South Asia. Our prime objective is to serve as a reliable metallurgical raw material supplier, one who has agile supply chain and believe in forthright communication, a name that our customers can trust when they have a requirement of raw material. We aim to create long term partnerships with our suppliers and customers thus we focus on creating value in every aspect of business.  

We have strategic business alliances with globally renowned metallurgical material processors and traders. In United Kingdom we have strategfic alliance with Dowgate Trading UK limited, who is a licensed metal broker and has the strong supplier base in whole EU, North Africa, Middle East and Asian metals markets. Maxteel Co. Ltd. is our Korean strategic partner with whom we supply to POSCO Steel and Hyundari Steel of Korea. We are proud to be only global distrubutor of Millscale Briquittes produced by Maxteel while we are working under the name of ECO MATERIALS LLC FZ. and stratetic business alliance with Maxteel hadquartered in Dubai, UAE and serving the clinets globally

We have immense expereince of supplying Millscale globally in cotainers as well as via bulk vessel. Our Millscale supply comes from Pakistan, Middle East, Sri Lanka and Europe while we our expanding our Millscale Supply from North America reigon. In rare earth minerals section, We supply and export metallurgical minerals such as Iron Ore, Chrome Ore and Manganese Ore as well as metallurgical grade fluorspar aka calcium fluorite to our Chinese, Korean, European and far east clients. 

We are a key player for supplying re-rollable steel scrap from UAE to our global clients around the world as well as to local steel plants in Pakistan. We also supply Zinc Dust /Ash both from iEAF and IF as we as Talc from Afghanistan and Pakistan. In addition, In non-ferrous category we supply ocean brass (copper brass based scrap radiators and tubing) to our clients in Europe and Middle east as well as trade and supply scrap motors for copper and cast iron recovery. 

We are an experienced and dependable supplier and trader of metals and minerals. We deal in ferrous, non-ferrous material as well as in by-products and minor/special metal concentrates and residues.

We strive to fulfill our valued customer’s raw material needs timely and efficiently without compromising on quality. We have long term contracts down the supply line to ensure we could serve our customers material requirement without interruption.

Our trading network spans in five continents and our supply chain partners are renowned and licensed metal and scrap brokers in China, Korea, Europe and Middle East. We supply bulk vessel as well as containerized loads as per customers’ terms FOB or CIF.